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Table top resin is also called bar top resin.  People refer to it by other names such as restaurant coating, tabletop resin, bartop resin, countertop resin, table top epoxy, bar top epoxy, epoxy resin, counter top resin, liquid glass, bottle cap resin, decoupage resin, epoxy 1:1 resin, and epoxy bar resin.  No matter what terminology you use, Superez is the best for all jobs.

Selling table top resin since 1991.  Your project is important to us.    Create and impress.   


Since 1991 customers have been using our table top resin to make

beautiful coatings for tables, bars, plaques, and wood projects.

Superez Table Top Resin is our most popular table and bar resin. Table top resin is a clear glossy coating seen on tables and bars in restaurants, homes, businesses, and boats. Superez is a high quality commercial coating that produces a high gloss finish on wood, steel, brass, copper and sandstone.  Superez is raved about and has decorated some of the finest establishments in the world.  Whether you are doing a large commercial project or you are a hobbyist or a homeowner, your project is important.  You deserve the best resin at a wholesale price.  Be creative, use your imagination and impress with your outcome.

Table top coating and bar top coating is not the only use for Superez.

Table top resin is also fantastic for plaques, clocks, decoupage, furniture, wood projects and gift items.

Our table top resin is high quality but low price. Superez is popular for commercial establishments as well as for artists, homeowners, and hobbyists.